formal hairstyles 17 Girl Hairstyles for Winter FormalIf there is one thing teenagers loved about high school, it was the dances that were held. One that sparks the girl’s attention is the winter formal and the reason to dress up in fancy dresses. There are a few different girl hairstyles for winter formal, and not all of them have to be done by a professional.

One of these hairstyles is perfect for long hair. Simply curl the hair with medium to large curlers or a curling iron, and using a beautiful hair piece, clip one side of it back. Depending on the length of the bangs, they can either fall with the rest of the hair, or be pinned back creating a “bump” effect. If the bump is in the hair, try to avoid clipping back one side of the hair.

Another cute hairstyle is to straighten the hair and flip the hair inwards or outwards, depending on the client’s preference. This is even nicer if they happen to have layers in the hair, as an adorable pixie cut would look great as well. An elegant ponytail would be really nice, using a rhinestone tiara to add to the drama that is currently on the client’s head.

When it comes to searching for a hairstyle for winter formal, girls often find themselves searching for hairstyles through traditional prom magazines, as well as searching for hairstyles through galleries available on the internet. Using hair accessories that match the dress and can complement the overall look that has been established is a great way to find a hairstyle that makes the best out of the winter formal attire.