braided weave.jpg Braided Weave in Mo Hawk Photos Mohawks and braids are a popular combination that has been used in many styles of hair. Through the many hairstyles that can be completed people are finding that different combinations of textures in the hair are a way to create the trendy and modern styles that people enjoy. What should you consider while you are creating a braided Mohawk style within the hair? First, one should take into account the condition of the hair. In the case that you are styling the hair that has been damaged in the past or hair that is prone to dryness, small and micro braids should be avoided in the hair. Avoiding these small and micro braids is important, as it can cause you to lose additional moisture within the hair. Losing moisture in the hair can lead to dryness, as well as to breakage and can cause the hair to lose its volume and fullness and even fallout from the head. Where can you find these hairstyle photos? In the case that you are seeking inspiration for hairstyles that can be completed in your hair – there are many places that you can find this information and photos that can help you to find the inspiration that you have been seeking. Through the various styles that are available to choose from, you are easily able to find the styles that suit

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you and easily able to use these as inspiration whether you are meeting with a stylist or trying to create the intricate styles in your own home. Through your own styles, you can easily find your creative side while looking through photos and using your own creative take on the popular braided and Mohawk styles of hair.