09 victoria beckham hairstyle long blonde highlights Hairstyles Blonde FoilsFoils are a great way to add

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color into the hair, without adding fake looking styles and colors. Highlights are often very rigid and contain small portions of the hair that has been colored, but using foils is the method which is preferred by most stylists to create modern colors within the hair, as it allows the stylist to create a natural looking color, in various tones which are close to the original. Why are blonde foils one of the most popular colors that people choose to have done in the hair? Blonde foils are one of the most popular styles that people complete within the hair because they are used with many hair colors. Whether you have dark or light hair, ranging from dark brown to red hair, there are many options that are available to you when it comes to blonde foils. You can use varying shades of blonde to complement the natural hair color, and add texture to the style through the use of color. There are many people that choose to have blonde foils and highlights as they begin to mature and the hair begins to age. Through this method, you can use the blonde to blend the graying hair into the style and therefore reduce the appearance of the grayness within the style. This is perhaps one of the most popular reasons that aging women choose to lighten their hair, as it can reduce the color which is needed in the hairline.