long wedding hairstyles Hairstyles for Long Gowns PicturesWhen thinking about which hairstyle would look best with a long gown, one must remember that it isn’t the length of the gown that makes the difference as it is the shape of the neck of the dress (for example: v-neck, off the shoulder, off one shoulder, halter, and more). If the gown is strapless, one of the best hairstyles one could choose is one in which the hair

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is hanging down instead of up. This looks a lot more elegant and classy than showing off too much skin when it might be considered inappropriate (at a wedding or funeral for example). If the dress has off the shoulder or one shoulder sleeves, a hairstyle that is half up and half down would look amazing. One example of this is an elegant side ponytail. If the gown has straps or a halter style, the hairstyles that would look nice are up-dos. There are so many different up-dos that are gorgeous, which makes the decision on which one to choose a little difficult. Looking at pictures online or in magazines will give the client some great examples of what might look nice for whatever style they are looking at getting done.