Jessica Alba Formal Hairstyles23 Hairstyles for Wedding GuestsWhen one gets invited to a wedding, it is important that one looks very nice without outshining the bride. This means everything from clothes to makeup to hair. The wedding guest’s hairstyle should be simple and put together, instead of downright elegant. For young adult women who are attending a wedding, the key is to do a style that is opposite what she would usually do. If her hair is usually really curly, she should just straighten her hair for a simple and different look.

Older women tend to do their hair the same way they always do their hair. The hair they wear to go to the super market is the same hair they use for a wedding or other special occasion. This isn’t a bad idea, because older women do take a lot of pride in their appearance.

Children can very easily outshine a bride, mostly because they are cute in everything they wear. Children are generally forgiven for looking nicer than the bride, because they are young and really don’t know any better. It’s not that it is wrong to look nicer than the bride, it’s just bad manners and it doesn’t follow proper etiquette for a wedding.