gwyneth paltrow hairstyle bob How to Get the Long Bob Hairstyle like Gwyneth PaltrowGwyneth Paltrow is a style icon when it comes to finding classic styles and clean lines throughout the wardrobe and throughout her personal style. She has chosen a hairstyle to compliment this classic and put-together appearance – the long bob, which can be styled in a variety of ways.

Most often, she chooses to wear the hairstyle in a sleek manner, long and straight throughout the entire course of the hairstyle. She often chooses to wear the hair straight for red carpet events and the classic style needs nothing more than a flat iron to become the center of attention. The sleek look that is created through the hair is created with one simple tool, the straightening iron. There are certain products which can be used to obtain the sleek look however, deep conditioning to ensure that the hair remains healthy and anti frizz serums which are used to complete the sleek look and are often applied after the hair has been straightened to reduce the frizz or flyaway hairs that can occur throughout the entire style.

The long and sleek hairstyle remains healthy throughout the shining appearance through the use of deep conditioning treatments which are applied to the hair on a regular basis to decrease the damage that can be caused by heat styling. Practically the only way to get hair that is so perfectly straight is to take advantage of heat styling products, such as a flat iron and therefore reducing the damage becomes very important when your hair is on display in the manner of hers, when the hair is styled into a long bob hairstyle.

Bob hairstyles are some of the most popular when it comes to celebrities, as there are many other celebrities that have found bob hairstyles as part of their image. From angled bobs to short bobs, there are a variety of celebrity inspired bob hairstyles that can be chosen from.