pictures of 17 piece hair weaves.jpg Pictures of 27 Piece Hair Weaves to Thicken Your HairAs one of the most popular styles of hair weaves, 27 Piece hair weave hairstyles can add volume as well as thickness to the hairstyle. Through the use of carefully placed products, you are able to increase the volume of your main through the hair pieces and you are also able to increase the length of the hair through the strands that can be placed through the bottom layers of the hair.

What should you consider before having the weave placed in the hair? Like any decision when it comes to the hair, one should consider the cost of the hair treatment and the results that are going to become exhibited once the style has been completed. Once you have determined the cost of the treatment, you may also want to consider the styling time that is going to be required once the weave has been placed in the hair. How is this going to impact your current styling time? Are you going to be able to maintain this style? Keeping this information into account can ensure that you are able to maintain your stylish nature.

Hair weaves are a great way to thicken the hair, as well as provide volume. Through these styles, you can easily find that you are not only able to create additions within the hair, but that you are able to create a completely new style within the hair. This completely new style can be a great way to transform your current look or undergo a makeover.