emo black hairstyles.jpg Styling Emo Black Hairstyles Black is one of the most popular colors for Emo hairstyles, in fact, the majority of hairstyles use black as the main color, and use other elements of color like white blonde and pink, as well as blue, green and many other bright colors through the design in the hair. Since black is the main color within the style, these colors are often quite visible and do create quite an impact, most likely the reason that black is the most popular Emo hair color.

How are these colors applied to the black hairstyle? In most cases, you are often unable to dye the hair another color once the black color has been applied and for this reason most people choose to strip the hair of its color before applying these strands within the hair. Pink, green and blue are three popular colors, as well as white blonde that can be applied to the strands in the hair, once the color has been removed.

Most people use black hair color through the use of permanent hair dye and therefore require the hair to be stripped of color, to a lighter tone before the other colors can be added into the hair. It is important to realize that stripping the hair of color can be a very expensive, as well as being a process that can be detrimental to the hair. For this reason it is important to avoid stripping the color unless completely necessary as the damage to the hair can be irreversible.