hair updos Updos for Thin Hairhair updos2 Updos for Thin HairStyling an updo for thin hair can present some difficulty, as volume and length are two aspects that create a successful updo! What should you do if you have thin hair and are trying to come up with a style that can look great for your hair? Well, there is no longer any need to panic because these hairstyles will look great for thin hair – and even hair that has received a little help from hair extensions that can be clipped into the style to add length and volume.

When styling thin hair without the use of extensions that can add length and volume it is important to use simple styles and the smallest pins and accessories available, so they are able to remain in the hair. It can be helpful to apply product to the hair before styling to give it some texture. This is a great way to ensure the style remains in the hair.

Alternatively, clipping hair extensions into or on to the hair can be a great way to make use of thin hair, and increase the capability of the updo. This can add the much needed volume to the hair, even length! When adding clip in hair extensions for the purpose of volume, the extensions should be added high up in the crown, under a layer of hair to benefit the hair the most.